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  Publicerad: 2018-07-02, Författare: Andrew , testad av:

  • Easy to use, Reliable, Recipes in app, Great way to cook all sorts of things, not just beef, Powerful
  • Limited feedback/interaction outside of the app, 2.4GHz 802.11 Wi-Fi only, Bluetooth works for initial pairing, but I was not able to make it work reliably as a Bluetooth only device, Internet connection dependent, Expensive
  • I am really happy with the results achieved using the ChefSteps Joule sous vide. It is compact, powerful, and precise. The connected app experience is very polished for both novices and advanced users. But the lack of physical controls/status indicators a...

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  Publicerad: 2017-11-08, Författare: Mike , testad av:

  • Small and slee, Clear video instruction, Heats up water fas, Easy to use
  • No temperature display on machin, No manual controls on machine
  • The Joule Sous Vide machine is a great device. It has a sleek look, cooks food efficiently and quickly, and has a very instructive app with videos that make it easy for sous vide newbies to use this cooking technique. However, I still give the edge to Ano...

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  Publicerad: 2017-03-27, Författare: Chris , testad av:

  • Compact and easy to store, Magnetic base makes setup a breeze, App is well designed and comprehensive, Requires minimal water, Easy to clean
  • Can't be used without a smartphone or tablet, Standard clip only fits narrow-walled containers

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  Publicerad: 2017-03-11, Författare: Greg , testad av:

  • Every cut of meat tastes delicious, app integration is awesome and even if you leave your home you can still see the progress of your meal
  • Nothing

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  Publicerad: 2016-11-03, Författare: Will , testad av:

  • Small, slim profile, Produces perfect results
  • No onboard controls, so you need a smartphone or tablet to use it at all, App temperature display lags
  • The ChefSteps Joule is the smallest immersion circulator for sous vide cooking we've seen yet, and it's controlled entirely by your smartphone...

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  Publicerad: 2018-10-21, Författare: Rachel , testad av:

  • Easy sous vide cooking, No hob or oven required, Alexa, iOS and Android compatible
  • App control only, Pricey, Needs ziplock-style bags
  • A simple product to use, but the disappointing results and unhelpful app detract from its appeal...

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